Future of Digital Experience Platform (DXP) for Businesses Summit


Date - 24th April, 2024
Time - 9:00 AM EDT
Venue - New York City, USA

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About The Future of DXP for Businesses Summit

The Future of DXP for Businesses Summit is an exceptional event that spotlights the most advanced and modern technologies in the DXP landscape! The business world is continuously changing, and companies are constantly seeking out new and exciting approaches to increase their virtual presence and interact with their customers in more meaningful and personalized ways. This is where DXP comes in—a potent tool that gives companies the ability to create consistent digital experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints. At the summit, you will get to hear from some of the most forward-thinking and influential DXP professionals, who will offer their insights and forecasts about the potential of this fascinating technology. Uncover the most recent trends and developments in DXP and learn how to use this powerful technology to enhance business growth, engagement, and success!

Could Composable Digital Experience Platforms be the Way of the Future?

As personalization plays an increasingly important role in delivering spectacular experiences, customers expect websites and experiences to be consistently, improved and adapted to their individual needs even before they visit. That is why companies have moved away from conventional page-based content management systems and invested in digital engagement platforms that offer a variety of options for a current omnichannel experience and take into account potential future touchpoints. As preferences change quickly, it is essential to remain flexible. Industry experts think that we may be close to that point, with larger platforms having difficulty staying up-to-date. It might be a good idea to begin considering "complex" solutions.

The Escalating Graph of DXP

The customer experience (CX) forms the basis of any business and is even more crucial for digital ventures than traditional ones. In digital business, the remote and impersonal nature of the transactions requires a human touch, which can be a challenge. Studies show that by making DXP a priority, 66% of companies can enhance consumer loyalty, and 60% of them can increase their customer lifetime value. Consequently, CX, or digital experience (DX), is what makes the difference between success and failure. In this ever-growing collection, the Digital Experience Platform (DXP) plays a vital role. It provides personalization, integration, content management, navigation, collaboration, analytics, workflow, and multi-channel support to enhance digital experiences without any difficulty.

Cross-Channel Approach: Always Available

By using advanced digital engagement platforms, companies can reliably connect with potential customers and increase their engagement with the brand. DXP is leveraging cloud computing, data analytics, and marketing automation to deliver the same content across various channels, no matter the type of device, the channel, or the location. It is important to note that people tend to switch from one channel to another when making purchasing decisions. Almost three-fourths of consumers expect the same experience on all channels; however, only around one-third of them think they're getting it. If a business is not available to the customer when they need it, it will not be able to provide a full and effective digital experience, resulting in low conversion rates.

“In Today’s era of volatility, there is no other way but to re-invent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility, that’s it. Because nothing else is sustainable, everything else you create, somebody else will replicate.” — Jeff Bezos

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“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.” — John Chambers

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Innovative keynotes delivered by the industry's true heavyweights, covering practical challenges and subjects which are exclusively entailed in our agenda. Gain subject matter expertise, network, and collaborate to explore solutions that shed light on future business models impacting revenue inflows.

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