Future of Media Monitoring for Businesses Summit (US Edition)


Date - 27th February, 2024
Time - 9:00 AM PST
Venue - San Francisco, USA

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About The Future of Media Monitoring for Businesses Summit

Media monitoring for businesses is a strategic practice of tracking, analyzing, and managing various forms of media content to stay informed about the public perception, market trends, and competitors' activities that can impact a company's operations and reputation. This crucial process encompasses a wide range of media sources, including traditional print, broadcast media, and the vast landscape of digital and social media. In an era defined by digital transformation and information abundance, staying informed and responsive to media trends is imperative for businesses. The Future of Media Monitoring for Businesses Summit, organized by Group Futurista, promises to be a crucial event for industry professionals seeking to harness the power of media monitoring tools and strategies to enhance their operations.

Reputation Management

Through real-time insights media monitoring can help businesses enhance and safeguard their reputation by bestowing them with their perception by media and the public. Media monitoring enables businesses to detect and address potential reputation-damaging issues early on, preventing them from escalating into crises. Through consistent monitoring, businesses can shape a more positive brand image by addressing issues, amplifying positive stories, and responding to customer feedback effectively.

Competitive Intelligence

Media monitoring provides valuable insights into the activities and strategies of competitors, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. By tracking competitors' weaknesses and gaps in the market, businesses can identify opportunities for growth and development.Comparing a company's media presence and performance with that of competitors helps in setting benchmarks and performance goals.

Customer Engagement and Feedback

Media monitoring allows businesses to actively engage with customers, gather feedback, and improve their products and services. Companies can promptly address customer concerns, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty. This proactive approach can prevent issues from escalating.Media monitoring can reveal recurring themes in customer feedback, helping businesses identify areas for improvement and innovation in their products and services.

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." - Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

Event Speakers

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Why Attend

"In the digital age, reputation is more important than advertising." - Arianna Huffington, Co-founder of The Huffington Post

Comprehensive Agenda

Innovative keynotes delivered by the industry's true heavyweights, covering practical challenges and subjects which are exclusively entailed in our agenda. Gain subject matter expertise, network, and collaborate to explore solutions that shed light on future business models impacting revenue inflows.

Boost your Business

Futurista Start-up Elevate is a dedicated platform for Startups and VCs. We offer industry-specific startups a showcasing opportunity, enabling them to connect with corresponding VCs and Mentors. A win-win dynamic is created to attain the desired exposure for startups who are looking forward to scaling up their businesses.

Intelligent Event Experience

A smart application will help you connect with key decision makers, share files, brainstorm ideas, and have a seamless networking experience. A comprehensive module covering the entire event, compiled for training purposes, to be made available post-conference, exclusively for the attendees.

Who Should Attend

CXOs, VPs, Directors, Managers and Specialists of -

  • Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Analyst
  • Brand Reputation
  • Communications
  • Digital Marketing Analyst
  • PR Monitoring Coordinator
  • Data Analyst
  • Media Intelligence Specialist
  • Online Reputation
  • Social Listening Analyst
  • Content Analyst
  • News Monitoring Coordinator
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Intelligence Analyst
  • Brand Insights
  • Media Measurement

Topics We Cover

Brand Reputation

Social Media Insights

Competitive Intelligence

Crisis Communication

Influencer Marketing

News Monitoring

Sentiment Analysis

Content Performance

PR Measurement

Customer Engagement

Brand Mentions

Online Reputation

Media Coverage

Market Trends

Audience Analysis

Data Analytics


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Travel & Hospitality

Media & Entertainment


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